Do you want a Tesla Model 3 or $30 000 in cash?

To our dedicated community!

We wanted to discuss with you the steps forward with our Tesla giveaway.

Our intention was to give back to the community and offer a chance of a life time in the crypto space in winning an actual Tesla model 3. After many weeks of the contest, we have seen lower participation then we thought. Although it has not been as successful as we initially planned, we have a solution we want your feedback on.

Seeing as though acquiring a car depending on location…

SafeTesla, a community based token

This month was full of different kinds of events for all of us. We were rising and falling, but never gave up. And who really made it possible is our community, full of diamond hands.
You believed in SafeTesla, you have been supporting us all the way, whatever happened: fighting the FUD, helping the newcomers, spreading the word all over the World, making legendary videos and TikToks. Hodling the dips and celebrating new achievements together!

The way to appreciation for our family

We love you, family, and we want to thank each and every one…

We are very excited to share the news that our own NFT farm is live with our marketplace partner

Our SAFETESLA NFT farm is now live! So grab your wheels and race to collect points and gather those collectables.

“Knock, knock.”

“Who’s there?”

“Reward o’clock!”

“Reward o’clock who?”

“Reward o’clock putting a ducking TESLA on your block.”


Yes! Yes! Yes! Shiz just got real! And we’re trippin’ in da house and you should too!

“Ding-dong! The fun starts today.”

Are you ready to rock and roll? ’Cause, we know we are!

SafeTesla’s first-ever TESLA GIVEAWAY starts today and will last for only 2 weeks.

So, participate today and don’t miss this opportunity of a lifetime!

Darn, I’m having an adrenaline rush. Tell me how to participate NOW.”

Okay, okay, relax! We don’t want any unnecessary seizures here. :o

First of all, it’s EXTREMELY SIMPLE to participate so no need to get anxious!


What happens when you wear a watch on a plane?

Time flies!

Where do sheep go on vacation?

The Baaa-hamas!

How can you tell elephants love to travel?

They always pack their own trunk!

Lame much? Come on, we are going on a road trip and we need to have some fun along the way. Okay, maybe will try to tone down on the jokes a little. :P

“Remember to celebrate milestones as you prepare for the road ahead.” — Nelson Mandela

Whether it was Nelson Mandela’s ‘Long Walk to Freedom’ or our ultimate journey to Mars, it’s going to be a life-changing experience. And, we want to share all about it with you!




Nǐn hǎo


Guten Tag



..and Hello in over a thousand languages!

Yes, we are kinda sorta going CRAZZYY because in the first 24 hours, our Telegram community grew with more than 1200 members and we want to greet you all in your native tongues. Anyway, sending virtual hugs.. cos Covid! argh :/

Oh, and by the way, SAFETESLA IS A BULLISH MADHOUSE RIGHT NOW and we’re lovin’ it! Wayyyy more than McDonald’s.. hehe!

But wanna know what’s more banging? $SAFETESLA is now held by more than 2500 freaking FUNtastic investors. You know who you…

Howdy, Tesla wizards & future Martians!

Eventually, the Sun will run out of fuel to burn and conditions on Earth will be different than what you’re accustomed to right now.

Then why go to the Moon when you can go to Mars? Better yet, why not drive there?

Yes, you heard it right! All-aboard before it’s late. Our Tesla is getting ready to depart hard and fast, and we don’t plan on leaving any bullish investors with diamond hands behind.

Our $SAFETESLA ride is fueled with high safety (it’s SAFEtesla, duh!) and low gas fees (bet you didn’t see that one coming, did ya?).

…but it’s not for everyone. :/

Before boarding…


Drive to mars and generate higher returns.

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