Do you want a Tesla Model 3 or $30 000 in cash?

To our dedicated community!

We wanted to discuss with you the steps forward with our Tesla giveaway.

Our intention was to give back to the community and offer a chance of a life time in the crypto space in winning an actual Tesla model 3. After many weeks of the contest, we have seen lower participation then we thought. Although it has not been as successful as we initially planned, we have a solution we want your feedback on.

Seeing as though acquiring a car depending on location can have its challenges depending on how the Tesla companies shipping procedures go as well as actually ordering on their website, we wanted to discuss a different direction.

More options!

We want to offer a new opportunity, one more streamlined that allows all parties involved successful completion.

Instead of following through with the car, we would like to have the same style giveaway, but with the equivalent in bnb (or whatever crypto chosen) meaning, the winner will receive $30k rather then a vehicle!!!!

Nothing better then more crypto in a bullrun!!!

So what’s next exactly?

We want to poll the community to see if this is something of interest to you all.

If it is, we will of course send out new guidelines, marketing, announcements and extend the giveaway times frame for everyone to get involved that wants to…

We hope you understand this is what we see as the best move for the community as well as the overall giveaway…. once the poll is taken, and completed, we will execute accordingly! Funds for the contest will be sent to a wallet, where everyone can track and it will be very transparent!

We have so much in the pipeline and can’t wait to share it all with you!

To show appreciation for those that did participate early we have taken a snap of the qualification channel, all participants will receive $500 as a gesture of thanks and also remain eligible for the giveaway.

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we make these next decisions! We will run the poll for 48 hours and work hard to push everything out from there!

Thanks again for all your support!

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