SafeTesla, a community based token

This month was full of different kinds of events for all of us. We were rising and falling, but never gave up. And who really made it possible is our community, full of diamond hands.
You believed in SafeTesla, you have been supporting us all the way, whatever happened: fighting the FUD, helping the newcomers, spreading the word all over the World, making legendary videos and TikToks. Hodling the dips and celebrating new achievements together!

The way to appreciation for our family

We love you, family, and we want to thank each and every one of you with becoming even more close and transparent.
Of course we want our new members to understand clearly that SafeTesla is not a joke, but a solid project.
That’s why we are launching SafeTesla DAO, where you can determine the fate of our project.

So, what the SafeTesla DAO actually is?

STD is a place for community decisions, where anyone who is deep enough in the project, can start a proposal for any of our future steps and other members will vote with their ST tokens.
Once the decision is made, we start building it and deliver to you.

Wait… Can we rule the project now?

YES! Anyone can be a driver and lead this machine to the brighter future! Just hold enough SafeTesla tokens, enter DAO, create a proposal and wait for other community members to vote.
You can create proposals for anything you want: to do another burn, to start charity, to change logo, whatever!

How does it actually work?

In order to create a proposal, a user is required to hold at least 100,000,000,000 $SAFETESLA. This particular threshold limit is set to ensure that capricious or unmotivated proposals are reduced and only the devoted holders are benefitted. All the proposals will stay active for a period of 1 week and shall turn from “Active” to either “Pass” or “Fail” status (depending on the individual case). Please note that 1 SAFETESLA = 1 VOTE.

Buy enough SafeTesla, enter the DAO, connect your wallet, create your first proposal and let`s start the journey!
SafeTesla DAO is live:

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