SafeTesla — Drive to Mars & generate higher returns

Howdy, Tesla wizards & future Martians!

Eventually, the Sun will run out of fuel to burn and conditions on Earth will be different than what you’re accustomed to right now.

Then why go to the Moon when you can go to Mars? Better yet, why not drive there?

Yes, you heard it right! All-aboard before it’s late. Our Tesla is getting ready to depart hard and fast, and we don’t plan on leaving any bullish investors with diamond hands behind.

Our $SAFETESLA ride is fueled with high safety (it’s SAFEtesla, duh!) and low gas fees (bet you didn’t see that one coming, did ya?).

…but it’s not for everyone. :/

Before boarding, we scan and scrap any nasty developers, thieves and most importantly — bearish busters. (Sorry not sorry. None likes low-grade passengers!)

BSC will be our Charging Station!

Yes, we will make the finest and the greatest — Binance Smart Chain (BSC) as our charging station!

It only makes sense to work with the best when you are not shooting for the Moon but are actually planning to drive Mars.

BSC has a full-fledged and mind-blowing environment for developing pumped-up and amazing decentralized applications — like SafeTesla. Its cross-chain compatibility with Binance Chain will give $SAFETESLA HODLers the best of all possible worlds.

Presale ain’t that cool anymore?

Nah! Special projects like ours need extra special launches. So, we have decided to be ultra-fine and have a private sale with our close-knit buddies to raise the fuel before launching it above and beyond.

Ready for the ride of a lifetime?

SafeTesla is a self-regenerating automatic liquidity providing protocol and its native token — $SAFETESLA — is curated and developed by top-notch developers. Have confidence in the contract and the liquidity that’s locked for you to yield in days to come!


  • Token: $SAFETESLA

HODL, buy the ticket to Mars, onboard, wear your seat belts — and launch in 3, 2, 1…

Spot our Tesla on

Drive to mars and generate higher returns.

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