SafeTesla Roadmap — The Ultimate Journey to Mars

What happens when you wear a watch on a plane?

Time flies!

Where do sheep go on vacation?

The Baaa-hamas!

How can you tell elephants love to travel?

They always pack their own trunk!

Lame much? Come on, we are going on a road trip and we need to have some fun along the way. Okay, maybe will try to tone down on the jokes a little. :P

“Remember to celebrate milestones as you prepare for the road ahead.” — Nelson Mandela

Whether it was Nelson Mandela’s Long Walk to Freedom’ or our ultimate journey to Mars, it’s going to be a life-changing experience. And, we want to share all about it with you!

So let’s get down to business and talk about the quarters. No, not the ones you get at the liquor store. Argh :/

“What to expect in Q2?”

“Many many great things, actually!”

New Website

First and foremost, expect a spectacular website to be launched next week that might feel like a spaceship to Mars. But hold and behold, expect no rockets, only Tesla — because we are driving there. :o

We know that Q2 is less than a week away and we want to enter the next phase of this glorious year by launching our site. So, sit tight and wait to be mind-blown!


How far is Mars anyway? Does it have gravity and oxygen and stuff? Is the journey gonna be bumpy? How many Kleenex should I pack? Will you provide a neck pillow? How many pit stops?… I have a small bladder…ah, help me!

Hold on, hold on!! We know you have plenty of amusing questions about this road trip and we are answering them all in a nice and fancy document with pretty and handsome graphics. We mean graphicAL representation with pie-charts and technical stuff like that, don’t think too much. :/

Our SafeTesla Whitepaper will be released next week. Stay tuned and get all your questions answered shortly.

Tesla Giveaway

The word’s out and our Tesla Giveaway is attracting more attention than the recent SpaceX rocket launches. Okay, don’t tell Papa Elon we just said that.

Anyway, we will be sharing more details about the Tesla Giveaway in the next few weeks. Keep a close eye on our channel and who knows soon you might be the one pulling out a brand new Tesla in your driveway that your grumpy neighbours would resent.

More Giveaways

In the abundant world of SafeTesla, there’s enough pie for everyone to share. So, there will be continued giveaways for days to come.

Now, if you are forgetful like Deadpool, grab a pen and write it down somewhere. Or just try to remember it so that you don’t miss out when it’s time to participate:

If you want to take part in the giveaways (which we would love for you to), you need to hold a certain amount in SafeTesla and also hold a certain amount in the liquidity pool. More on the eligibility criteria will follow in future updates.

AMA Week

What do they call a talkative Colombian?

Hablo Escobar

Hehe. Once you get it, it’s kinda funny. ;)

Anyway, in Q2 we are excited to have an Ask-Me-Anything (aka AMA) week. In that, we will answer all your questions and will tell you loads more about our ride to Mars. Stay tuned for more details!


Not so cool things: Eavesdrop. Teardrop. Eardrop.

Kinda Cool things: Backdrop. Raindrop. Dewdrop.

Super cool thing: Airdrop

If Apple Airdrop makes you feel good, our SafeTesla Airdrop will make you feel a lot better (and richer).

Look forward to awesome $SAFETESLA airdrops into your wallet starting from Q2.


“Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.” — Steve Jobs

Partnerships are key to growth. You partnered with us because you believe in our great bullish future. We will continue to partner with other bull players of the crypto space to provide an excellent ecosystem to all our passengers driving to Mars.

Keep your eyes and ears open as a lot of exciting things are happening in the background and we are ready to sweep you off your feet. It’s gonna be a smooth smooth ride!

Okay, let’s move on to Q3


NFTs are chic! NFTs are hot! NFTs are all set to break all traditional records.

We love NFTs and we know you’ll too if you don’t already. What’s there not to love about NFTs when you can support digital artists around the world and be proud owners of the greatest artworks ever created.

SafeTesla will be creating and launching its own NFTs for sale and giveaways. Hang on tight and don’t miss out on super awesome NFT deals!

Exchange Listings

Thousands of people spend hundreds of hours cracking jokes on the internet seeking some sort of validation. Ouch! We are guilty of it too. :P

But in all fairness, validation has some strong value, especially in a competitive space like ours.

We want our riders to know that we are bullish and we are indeed going to Mars. In the interest of being awesome (that we so are), $SAFETESLA will be listed on super awesome exchange platforms where traders can have a gala time.

Crowdfunding platform

“I won the lottery for a million dollars today, so I decided to donate a quarter of it to charity. — I now have $999,999.75.”

Pls, don’t be that person! Hah!

We feel extremely passionate about our crowdfunding platform that’s in the pipeline for Q3. This addition to our SafeTesla ecosystem will only make us more diverse in our approach.

We know that our community is filled with big-hearted bulls who will be bringing greatness and wealth to the wider community. After all, Helen Keller has rightfully said, “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”

So, let’s do so damn much — together!

Q4? Let’s end the yearwith a big bang!

We are so excited that we almost slipped off from the edge of our seats while just typing the above!

Yes, it’s gonna happen! SAFETESLA GAME is on the cards for Q4.

And the rules of the game will make it more exciting. Don’t be a sore loser though: :/

The most happening and exciting part of our game will be its rules. Let’s check those out:

When you lose, a certain amount of tokens (specified nearer the time) will be burnt. But don’t worry, you will be able to earn it back with every single win. Is it just mind-boggling??

Okay, let’s wrap up with one last laugh…

Why do astronauts use Linux?

Because they can’t open Windows in space.

LOL. Of course, a space joke was in-store to sum up a very successful Q1 with all of you astounding bulls!


“Wear your seat belts, stay tuned, we’re speeding up real quick… TESLA quick. It’s gonna be one hell of a journey to Mars!”

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Drive to mars and generate higher returns.

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