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Nǐn hǎo


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..and Hello in over a thousand languages!

Yes, we are kinda sorta going CRAZZYY because in the first 24 hours, our Telegram community grew with more than 1200 members and we want to greet you all in your native tongues. Anyway, sending virtual hugs.. cos Covid! argh :/

Oh, and by the way, SAFETESLA IS A BULLISH MADHOUSE RIGHT NOW and we’re lovin’ it! Wayyyy more than McDonald’s.. hehe!

But wanna know what’s more banging? $SAFETESLA is now held by more than 2500 freaking FUNtastic investors. You know who you are, and we ducking love you! x

Are you wondering did all these spectacular things happen within the first 24 hours? YEAH HONEY and we know it’s BURNING the boo-boo bears!

At the risk of sounding sadist and yet pouring more oil on their flames, let’s talk about THE BURN!


Your friends at SAFETESLA (yep, that’s us!) have already conducted 3 burns within the first 24 hours — again? We know, right? ;)

These included two buybacks and one burn. And surprise, surprise — SAFETESLA will be conducting weekly burns to continue deflation. Come on, you’re in an amazeballs Tesla driving to Mars — expect stupendous speed and zero baggage!

“The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing.” — Tom Fishburne

And, do you know why it doesn’t? Because the best marketing makes you feel something that words can’t explain.

The best marketing tells you that there’s a Tesla out there, boarding bullish investors, driving them to Mars, and if you miss the chance to get on while you can — you’d be left behind and you’d regret it.

Still don’t trust us? Then trust our home buoy Elon. That alpha male + technoking knows his stuff and you know that.

Anyhoo, for our more concerned passengers (like the ones who call Shotgun and insist everyone wears seatbelts), STARTING THIS WEEK, we will be conducting giveaways, posting tempting (and delicious) content on Twitter, Medium, Telegram groups, and all cool places where the bulls hang out for coffee (or drinks, shh, it’s 5 o’clock somewhere).

“I dream my painting and I paint my dream.” — Vincent Van Gogh

The great Van Gogh pulled the plug on himself before getting recognition for his marvellous art. Things probably would have turned out differently if he could simply sell those beauties as NFTs. Okay, that was mean. Sorry.

Anyway, the point is, NFTs are awesome and you know it and we know it. In fact, recently, selling his first-ever tweet as an NFT, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey even became $2.9 million dollars happier.

And to make our $SAFETESLA investors happy, starting next week, we will begin creating NFTs for giveaway and sales.

“BTW, do you know SAFETESLA is giving away THE TESLA?”


Yes, you heard us! In less than two months, we are conducting a TESLA GIVEAWAY. Looks like from May, someone’s gonna go clean and green and all things sustainable in their fancy car.

We know it’s exciting and you wanna know more but have some patience. More details and the eligibility criteria will be disclosed in a few days.

So, till then sit tight because someone famous has rightfully said, ‘Patience is bitter but its fruit is sweet.’ Okay, that person was Jean-Jacques Rosseau and in this case, it’s not a fruit, it’s a frickin’ TESLA. You’re allowed to go bananas!

“We rise by lifting others” — Robert Ingersoll

Talking about giveaways and being on a mission to greatness, we don’t wanna leave anyone behind.

As we drive far to the red planet, we want to sow a few healthy seeds on the blue planet.

In the interest of uplifting the people at the bottom of the socio-economic pyramid, we have decided to partner with a few charity organisations in Europe and Africa.

Our goal is to do good and be profitable for not just our immediate crypto community but also the wider community that we are a part of.

We don’t see it as a donation, rather an investment for the future. It’s our investment in future investors from the developing parts of the world. Okay, let’s just hope that they grow up to be bulls and HODL with diamond hands. Otherwise, bears are just annoying! :/

“Hello? When are you fixing that crappy site?”

Sweet mother of Jesus! Chill! Tell us what we already don’t know, huh!

Super cool thing to note is that a super cool site is under construction. (seriously, pinky promise!)

Our most happening and giving-a-vibe-of-Tesla-on-Mars website will go LIVE in a few days. So, stay tuned and don’t think about gravity, it’ll only bring you down. See what we did there? :P

In the times of darkness, always remember, a ride with SAFETESLA will take you up and above until we land on Mars. So, get ready for the most frictionless journey of your lifetime. Woohoo!

Spot our Tesla on

Drive to mars and generate higher returns.

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